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# IUseUser interface

This API is provided as a preview for developers and may change based on feedback that we receive. Do not use this API in a production environment.

interface for useUser() composable


export interface IUseUser 

# Properties

Property Type Description
country Ref<Country | null> (BETA)
error ComputedRef<any> (BETA)
errors UnwrapRef<{ [errorAlias: string]: ShopwareError[]; }> (BETA)
isCustomerSession ComputedRef<boolean> (BETA)
isGuestSession ComputedRef<boolean> (BETA)
isLoggedIn ComputedRef<boolean> (BETA)
loadCountry (countryId: string) => Promise<void> (BETA)
loading ComputedRef<boolean> (BETA)
loadSalutation (salutationId: string) => Promise<void> (BETA)
login ({ username, password, }: { username?: string; password?: string; }) => Promise<boolean> (BETA)
logout () => Promise<void> (BETA)
onLogout (fn: () => void) => void (BETA) React on user logout
onUserLogin (fn: (params: { customer: Customer; }) => void) => void (BETA)
onUserRegister (fn: () => void) => void (BETA)
refreshUser () => Promise<void> (BETA)
register ({}: CustomerRegistrationParams) => Promise<boolean> (BETA)
salutation Ref<Salutation | null> (BETA)
setDefaultPaymentMethod (paymentMethodId: string) => Promise<void> (BETA)
updateEmail (updateEmailData: CustomerUpdateEmailParam) => Promise<boolean> (BETA)
updatePersonalInfo (personals: CustomerUpdateProfileParam) => Promise<boolean> (BETA)
user ComputedRef<Partial<Customer> | null> (BETA)