# Concepts

No matter whether you're familiar with Shopware or not - you might have come across some concepts that are built into the PWA. We put a lot of effort into reflecting core concepts from Shopware into the PWA to give it a more native feeling if you already know Shopware 6.

# Shopping Experiences

The content management system is certainly one of the most prominent features built into Shopware. We have prepared a guide to dig into the structure of our CMS and how to use and extend it within the PWA.

CMS Guide

# Plugins

Plugins are a common concept in Shopware applications. Learn how they translate to the PWA world and how to use them to inject custom components into your layout.

Plugins Guide

# Payment and Checkout

Checkout and payment are critical parts within every eCommerce application. Learn how payments are adopted and captured using the Shopware API and how they translate into a programmatic API that you can use in the PWA.

Payment Guide

# Events Interceptor

Broadcast or/and intercept events across the application between the layers. With interceptors you can react on some system events broadcasted from other parts of the application.

Interceptors Guide

# Client API Errors and handling

Shopware-pwa provides an unified error's structure for all errors that may appear during working with Shopware 6 API.

API Errors Guide

# Routing

Shopware PWA supports a configuration for specific domains and subdomains within one Shopware PWA instance. The guide explains also how Shopware PWA handles the multilanguage features.

Routing Guide

# User Management coming soon

How do you manage user data, newsletter sign-ins, address updates? We've got you covered. Follow our guide to show how customize the self-service experience within the PWA.

# Product discovery coming soon

Making the catalog structured, accessible and filterable is one of the core challenge of any eCommerce site. Understand our patterns for filtering, sorting and advanced querying and how to build custom logic with it.


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