A command line interface for Shopware PWA (opens new window).

# CLI commands

Use always latest CLI package. To do so, use npx instead of npm or yarn installed package, like:

npx @shopware-pwa/cli <command>

Canary version

Currently, we're releasing a canary version per every push to master branch, so in order to have newest changes and fixes just install it like this:

npx @shopware-pwa/cli@canary <command>

# Usage

Create a directory for your project and enter it

mkdir my-shopware-pwa
cd ./my-shopware-pwa

initialize project inside directory

npx @shopware-pwa/cli init

after this you're connected to our test shopware instance and ready to run project locally

yarn dev

Your application will be available on http://localhost:3000 (opens new window).
Now you have complete ShopwarePWA project running locally.

# License