# Fundamentals

Understand some of the foundational concepts within Shopware PWA like and our thoughts on architecture, security and customization.


Shopware PWA comes with a command line interace shopware-pwa with useful functionalities to prepare, customize, build and deploy your application.


# Devtools new

See how do we want to support development process and your understanding of what's going on when the application is running.


# Security

It is critical to understand which authentication mechanisms are utilized to make sure that your application is safe. Read this to see how Shopware PWA handles this regarding the usage of APIs.

Security Fundamentals

# WIP coming soon

Potential fundamentals

  • Using Nuxt.js as a framework foundation
  • Storefront UI and how to leverage its potential
  • Extension system (plugins, themes and CMS)
  • Logic desctructuring and reusability (Composition API)