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# composables package

# Functions

Function Description
createListingComposable({ rootContext, searchMethod, searchDefaults, listingKey, }) (BETA) Factory to create your own listing. By default you can use useListing composable, which provides you predefined listings for category(cms) listing and product search listing. Using factory you can provide our own compatible search method and use it for example for creating listing of orders in my account.
getApplicationContext(rootContext, key) (BETA)
getDefaultApiParams() (BETA) Returns default system API params
useBreadcrumbs(rootContext, params) (BETA) Composable for displaying and setting breadcrumbs for page.
useCms(rootContext) (BETA)

# Interfaces

Interface Description
ApplicationVueContext (BETA) Application Context for Shopware PWA. It's an extended Vue instance.
CurrentPagination (BETA)
IInterceptorCallbackFunction (BETA) interface for the callback function of interceptors
IUseAddToCart (BETA) interface for useAddToCart composable
IUseCart (BETA) interface for useCart composable
IUseCheckout (BETA) interface for useCheckout composable
IUseIntercept (BETA) interface for useIntercept composable
IUseListing (BETA) Listing interface, can be used to display category products, search products or any other Shopware search interface (ex. orders with pagination)
IUseNavigation (BETA) interface for useNavigation composableProvides state for navigation trees depending on navigation type.
IUseProductConfigurator (BETA) interface for useProductConfigurator composable
IUseProductQuickSearch (BETA)
IUseSessionContext (BETA) interface for useSessionContext composable
IUseUser (BETA) interface for useUser composable
IUseWishlist (BETA) interface for useWishlist composable
Notification_2 (BETA)
UseCountries (BETA)
UseCountry (BETA)
UseCurrency (BETA)
UseProduct (BETA)
UseProductListing (BETA)
UseSalutations (BETA)

# Variables

Variable Description
INTERCEPTOR_KEYS (BETA) Keys used accross composables with the description of incommint parameters.
useAddToCart (BETA) Add product to cart. Options - IUseAddToCart
useCart (BETA) Composable for cart management. Options - IUseCart
useCategoryFilters (BETA)
useCheckout (BETA) Composable for Checkout management. Options - IUseCheckout
useCountries (BETA)
useCountry (BETA)
useCurrency (BETA)
useDefaults (BETA) Returns default config depending on config key. It is used in composables, so defaultsKey is in most cases composable name (ex. useDefaults(rootContext, "useCms"))
useIntercept (BETA) Allows to broadcast and intercept events across application.
useListing (BETA)
useNavigation (BETA) Composable for navigation. Options - IUseNavigation
useNotifications (BETA)
useProduct (BETA)
useProductConfigurator (BETA) Product options - IUseAddToCart
useProductListing (BETA)
useProductQuickSearch (BETA)
useSalutations (BETA)
useSessionContext (BETA) Composable for session management. Options - IUseSessionContext
useUIState (BETA) Simple state management for UI purposes.
useUser (BETA) Composable for user management. Options - IUseUser
useWishlist (BETA)

# Type Aliases

Type Alias Description
listingKey (BETA)
Search (BETA)