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# helpers package

# Enumerations

Enumeration Description
UiCategoryFilterType (BETA)

# Functions

Function Description
getCmsLayoutConfiguration(content) (BETA)
getCmsTechnicalPath(page) (BETA)
getListingAvailableFilters(aggregations) (BETA)
getListingFilters(aggregations) (BETA)
getProductCalculatedListingPrice(product) (BETA) Get the calculated list price
getProductCalculatedPrice(product) (BETA) Get the calculated list price
getProductName({ product }) (BETA)
getProductOptions({ product, }) (BETA)
getProductPriceDiscount(product) (BETA) Get value of price discount
getProductPriceDiscountPercentage(product) (BETA) Get the percentage value of discount
getProductRegularPrice(product) (BETA) Get the price for 1 unit of a product
getProductThumbnailUrl(product) (BETA) get the thumbnail image URL with the smallest width
getProductTierPrices(product) (BETA) Get the prices depending on quantity added to cart. Tier prices can be set in Advanced pricing tab in Product view (admin panel)
getStoreNavigationRoutes(navigationElements) (BETA)
isOptionAvailableForSelectedOptions(currentAttribute, selectedOptionId, { code: optionId }, allOptions, allSelectedOptions) (BETA) Check if the current optionId is also present in matching option ids of other available variants.
isProductSimple({ product, }) (BETA)
loadScript(src) (BETA) Helper for plugins to load external scripts for plugins

# Interfaces

Interface Description
LayoutConfiguration (BETA)
ListingFilter (BETA)
StoreNavigationRoute (BETA)
TierPrice (BETA)
UiCategoryFilter (BETA)
UiCategoryFilterOption (BETA)
UiCategoryRangeFilterOption (BETA)
UiProductOption (BETA)

# Variables

Variable Description
getCategoryUrl (BETA) Get URL for category.
isLinkCategory (BETA)