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# ApplicationVueContext interface

This API is provided as a preview for developers and may change based on feedback that we receive. Do not use this API in a production environment.

Application Context for Shopware PWA. It's an extended Vue instance.


export interface ApplicationVueContext extends VueConstructor 

Extends: VueConstructor

# Properties

Property Type Description
$cookies? any (BETA) (Optional)
$i18n? any (BETA) (Optional)
$instanceStore? any (BETA) (Optional)
$interceptors? any (BETA) (Optional)
$isServer? any (BETA) (Optional)
$route? any (BETA) (Optional)
$router? any (BETA) (Optional)
$routing Routing (BETA)
$sharedStore? any (BETA) (Optional)
$shopwareApiInstance? ShopwareApiInstance (BETA) (Optional)
$shopwareDefaults? any (BETA) (Optional)
$store? any (BETA) (Optional)
cookies? any (BETA) (Optional)
i18n? any (BETA) (Optional)
instanceStore? any (BETA) (Optional)
interceptors? any (BETA) (Optional)
isServer? any (BETA) (Optional)
route? any (BETA) (Optional)
router? any (BETA) (Optional)
routing Routing (BETA)
sharedStore? any (BETA) (Optional)
shopwareApiInstance? ShopwareApiInstance (BETA) (Optional)
shopwareDefaults? any (BETA) (Optional)
store? any (BETA) (Optional)